Minimum Value Plan

Our Minimum Value Plan has a limited enrollment period of 15 days, and is offered at an additional cost to the employee. All eligible employees will be offered this plan and will need to contact our enrollment center to opt for coverage. The enrollment center counselors will explain our Minimum Value Plan and, if applicable, provide information on more affordable and benefit rich options based on the employees individual needs including: Indemnity Plans, Fully Insured Plans, Major Medical Plans and Insurance Exchanges.

How does our Mimimum Value Plan guarantee compliance?

The Affordable Care Act requires that employers who have 50 or more full-time employees offer an employer sponsored plan that meets both affordability and minimum value. Our Minimum Value Plan is made affordable to all eligible employees and includes all 10 essential health benefits meeting IRS standards.

Who is the Minimum Value Plan offered to?

Our Minimum Value Plan is offered to all full-time employees, and any qualified dependents of those full-time employees.

Can your Minimum Value Plan be offered in with other insurance?

Yes. Both our Minimum Essential Coverage Plan and our Minimum Value Plan can be offered in conjunction with other plans. FreedomCare has no minimum participation or minimum offering requirements.